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Burgundy Brushed Denim Baby Shoes
Mary E.
I’m in love

I’m in love with my granddaughter’s new fall cabooties.

I’m in love

I love the new Cabooties that I got my granddaughter. She will get a lot of wear out of them this fall.

Cabooties Winter Foliage Eco Canvas Baby Shoe Review

Cabooties Winter Foliage Eco Canvas Baby Shoe Review-
I bought these cause they were on sale for my baby girls 1st birthday. Her birthday was the beginning of April & even though they are labeled as Winter foliage I definitely think they can be worn year round no matter the season style! The show design Winter Foliage Is so cute & the material being Canvas Is soft & comfortable to the touch. The Cabooties are easy to put on & off & they stay on well so that my daughter can not pull them off. She uses them to crawl & scoot In & Is practicing her steps In them to get her ready for walking soon. They are washable which I love considering they are soft bottomed! My daughter Is a little over 12 months old (born early April of 22’) & I got her size 12m-18m & they fit her well with a tiny bit of growing room which I prefer! I highly recommend these baby shoes to all parents!

Granddaughter will love this!

I made the quilt pictured for my new granddaughter. This teether is perfect for her and matches the quilt🥰

Go with everything!

This print is one of our all time favorites! Goes with so many outfits! I love that each pair is different.

Black and White Hearts Baby Shoes
Allison J.
So cute!

I love these black heart shoes on my little guy! Great neutral color and adorable subtle print.


These booties are the best thing we ever found! They are so soft, cute and just perfect! They're soft enough to not irritate the foot and allow normal development but rugged enough to protect the foot and not allow them to be taken off by little ones. We've purchased many pairs and will continue as he grows up.


We love these Cabooties! They're so soft and versatile! They go on so easily and my little one can't take them off. The non-slip sole is perfect while my 9 month old moves around in his walker. The sole is soft enough to not interfere with his foot development but rugged enough to protect his feet while learning to be mobile. Thank you Kelly for this product. ❤️

Love them!

We absolutely love the cabooties! No issues at all. My son can't pull or kick them off. He has worn them mostly with socks bc I was worried the inside might rub his little toes but yesterday he wore them all day without socks and there was no rubbing whatsoever. He even wore them in the snow for a bit and his socks stayed dry! 😱 Will be recommending to all my mama friends and family.

Great quality and Colors

These Grey Brushed Denim booties are great! Our little guy LOVES Cabooties and he actually wore them for his Christmas pictures! They are durable against concrete and they are WASHABLE!! So even with the light colored booties, if they get cruddy, you can just throw them in the washer and they clean so nice! Definitely worth the money!

Avocado Print

We love Cabooties SO much. They are the only shoes my daughter will keep on. When we opened the mail and she seen the avocado print she started screaming avocados! Had to put them on immediately.

Winter Woods Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes
Shana S.
As Boujee as Gucci

We love support small businesses and women owned and operated at that! The shoes are amazing and we absolutely love them. This is one of three pairs we bought and I can already tell we will be customers as long as they have sizes to fit. You get the luxury of a “status brand” paired with knowing you are supporting a woman follow her dreams.

Burgundy Brushed Denim Baby Shoes
Maroon cabooties

We LOVE all of our cabooties!! These are great when your little is beginning to walk and even after! Can’t wait until Christmas to get her some more (:

Winter Woods Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes
Winter Woods

We love Cabooties! Soft and flexible yet durable enough for active toddlers!

Buffalo Plaid Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes
Allison J.
Perfect winter print

These are exactly what I wanted to pair with all my little guy’s outfits this winter! The check size is great on a little shoe and the red is vibrant. I love them!

Brown Textured Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes
Allison J.
Great warm neutral

I’ve been loving these brown shoes on my son this fall! They’re a wonderful neutral option with a super subtle textured print and yet the warm, orangish tone adds a little pop to his outfits.

Grab Bag Baby Shoes
Whitney V.

I love how these shoes fit, they go on easily and my daughter doesn’t take them off. I love the grippy bottoms. I don’t love how the fabric on top is already wearing. My daughter has worn these shoes for 4 days and already showing signs of wear n tear. For the price I wish the fabric held up better.

Thanks so much for your feedback Whitney! For mobile children, we recommend Cabooties for indoor and light outdoor use. Cabooties hold up great in grass and dirt, at school or daycare, and while running errands. However, textured concrete (like sidewalk and driveways) can be tough on these lightweight shoes, especially if your child touches their toes to the ground as they walk (every little one is different so this is comes up for some children more than others). Thanks again for your honest review!! -Kelly

Grab Bag ( Gender neutral)

We love us a grab bag Cabootie! These shoes are great for lounging around at the house or a fun-filled day at the park. Flexible, machine washable baby shoes that actually stay on, what more can you ask for?!

Grab bag

These soft bottom shoes are great for the playground!

Foxes Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes
Danielle G.
Best purchase for growing feet

I absolutely love these cabooties! They are durable and so comfy. He doesn’t even try to pull them off. I love that they are wide at the toe and very flexible for growing feet. The print is absolutely adorable too!

Grab Bag Mommy Slippers

First time buying adult size Cabooties. No wonder my little loves these so much they are so comfortable!

Ice Dye

We loved this print so much we ordered a second pair. I love that there is no right or left shoe , makes dressing my kiddo a lot easier!

Fantastic Floral

We love the elastic ankle opening on Cabooties! SO easy to put on, and they stay on! Not to mention we absolutely love this beautiful floral print, goes with so many things!

Grab Bag Surprise

We absolutely love these soft bottom washable shoes! && this shark print was a fun surprise!

Grab bag!

The only kind of shoes my daughter will keep on!