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The Cabooties Story

Kelly Barth founded Cabooties in 2014 based on the inspiration of her son, Conley Alexander Barth (the CAB in Cabooties). She began sewing booties in her tiny town-home in North Carolina, trying to overcome her frustrations with socks that wouldn’t stay on and stiff shoes that didn’t fit over her baby’s chubby feet. She finally found a design that Conley loved to wear, and Cabooties were born. Since that time Kelly has tweaked the design a few times, and improved the materials, but the result is still the same – handmade, vegan baby shoes that never fall off. 

Kelly and her family have moved a few times since 2014, from North Carolina to Arkansas to Pennsylvania.  Cabooties made the move each time as well - it has been quite the adventure!

Kelly continues to run the company from home while caring for her children.  As the company grows, our production continues to grow with it.  While Kelly still sews many shoes and boots by hand, we are proud to have the help of work-from home sewists in Pennsylvania and Indiana to create Cabooties for all of our fans. 

Each pair of Cabooties is made with love, packaged with care, and shipped to little ones around the world. We hope they will take your family on many adventures together!


Cabooties' Mission Statement

Bringing adventures and first steps to babies worldwide through fun and practical handcrafted footwear.