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Kelly Barth Maker and Ecommerce Store Owner Success Coach


I’m Kelly Barth, the founder, and owner of Cabooties, an eCommerce business offering baby shoes that are handmade in the USA. I am passionate about combining my experience as a maker, entrepreneur, and teacher to guide eCommerce store owners and I want to help you get over any current hurdles and take your business to the next level.

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Working Together

Kelly Barth: Maker, Entrepreneur, Small Business Coach


Kelly Can Help You With:

  Getting more traffic to your site and more sales
  Moving from Etsy to your own site
  - Facebook Groups
  Niching down and finding your signature product
 Increasing your conversion rate
Outsourcing production
  SMS and Email Marketing
  Pricing for profit
And more


A coaching session includes:

Once you pay for the session, I will email with the questionnaire and schedule a date with you.

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