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March 30, 2022 2 min read

If you're a parent or caregiver, you know that your baby's first steps are an exciting milestone. But when it comes to choosing the right shoes for your little one, it can be tough to know what's best. In this blog post, we'll share our picks for the best baby shoes for learning to walk. We'll also provide some tips on how to choose the right pair of shoes for your child. Read on to learn more!
Cabooties dinosaur soft sole baby shoes for for learning to walk
Babies typically start walking anywhere from 8 to 18 months, with most taking those sweet first steps around their first birthday. 
Cabooties' flower baby shoes for learning to walk
Your pediatrician will tell you that barefoot is best for your new walker, but when you need a little extra traction, protection, or warmth; choose something that mimics the sensation of walking barefoot.  Shoes with a flexible, soft sole that allow the foot to move freely are best for your growing little one. 
Cabooties Rainbow Tie Dye Toddler shoes for learning to walk
When your baby starts walking, it's important to choose shoes that fit properly.  You'll want to select shoes aren't too tight and restrictive, but aren't so long that baby will trip.  To get an accurate fit, measure your babies foot, or check out Cabooties' handy fit finder tool.
To encourage your baby to walk, try these tips:
  • Tempt her to move: leave a trail of toys and treats to entice her
  • Build a cruising trail: If your baby is pulling up to stand, line up a few sturdy pieces of furniture for her to cruise along
  • Hold her hand: comfort and steady your little one and as she gains confidence, and spend some quality time together too
  • Avoid hard soles: According the American Academy of Pediatrics, hard sole shoes restrict proper foot movement and can delay your little one's first steps

Wondering where you can find high quality, soft sole shoes for your new walker that fit your style? Take Cabooties style quiz and get matched with the perfect shoes to match your style!
Cabooties solid black baby shoes for learning to walk
We hope you’ll consider ordering a pair of Cabooties soft sole shoes for your little one's first steps. Our shoes are designed to help with the development of gross motor skills and encourage natural foot movement. Not only do our shoes look adorable, but they can also help your child learn to walk sooner. Order yours today and then join us in the Cabooties Community so we can help you support your child’s growth and development.

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