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August 04, 2017 1 min read

Does you child have "Indoor Shoes" on their school supply list this year?  Indoor shoes are a common requirement at Waldorf and Montessori schools.  They ensure that children's feet are safe and comfortable, while preventing germs and dirt from  your child's outdoor shoes from entering the classroom.  Changing from outdoor to indoor shoes also helps children transition to a different pace of exploration and learning, and even fosters independence and confidence as children take control of dressing themselves appropriately for the task at hand. The ideal indoor shoes are free of laces (which children may not be able to manage alone), and provide children freedom and flexibility to dance, sit cross legged, and explore their environment. 

If you are searching for the perfect indoor shoes for your child, look no further, Cabooties has you covered!

Blue Dog Baby and Toddler Waldorf Indoor Shoes Soft Soles Montessori School Shoes

Cabooties was founded by a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, so we are well in tune with a growing child's needs for home and school. Cabooties feature flexible, non-slip, waterproof soles which will keep tiny toes safe yet unrestricted. Your child's teacher will appreciate the elastic opening which makes shoes easy to slide on and ensures that they'll never fall off.  Soft flannel lining and super fun prints make these shoes a favorite among little scholars. 

Black and White Stripe Baby and Toddler Waldorf Indoor Shoes and Montessori School Slippers Classroom Slippers

Cabooties offers an ever-changing selection of handcrafted, vegan shoes for little ones. Find them here. 

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